Excavation team

Excavation at the site is directed by Dr Magdolna Vicze (Matrica Museum), Prof Marie Louise Stig Sørensen (University of Cambridge), and Dr Joanna Sofaer (University of Southampton).

viczem sorensenml sofaerj

Each year the project welcomes Hungarian and British students from Universities in Budapest, Pécs, Southampton and Cambridge who are keen to gain experience of excavating at one of the richest and most important Bronze Age sites in Central Europe. The site also attracts students of other nationalities from Universities around Europe and beyond. All students work together in a single trench, resulting in a stimulating international environment.

Specialists currently working on material from the site include:

kovacsgabriella Dr Gabriella Kovács
(Archaeological thin section soil micromorphologist)
alicechoyke Dr Alice Choyke
(Archaeozoologist – Bone tool specialist)
bartosiewicz Dr László Bartosiewitz
(Archaeozoologist – Archaeoichthyologist)
galerika Dr Erika Gál
(Archaeozoologist – Archaeo-ornithologist)
kovacszs Dr Zsófia Kovács
(Archaeozoologist – specialist in microfaunal analyses)
mariavretemark Dr Maria Vretemark
sabinesten Dr Sabine Sten (Professor in Osteoarchaeology)